About The Select Program

Rangers Select

The FM Revolution Rangers FC is a competitive soccer program committed to providing the highest quality environment for all soccer players, By providing the coaches and local training facilities in Flower Mound & Lewisville, we stay focused on our most important goal — the growth of the individual player, both on and off the field.

Rangers have experienced coaching staff and dedicated volunteers, all of whom strive to help our players reach their full potential as athletes and individuals regardless of level, age, or economic background. Rangers teams are selected by tryouts and play league games throughout North Texas. We organize teams, clinics, and events to actively support all levels of play. Our vision is built on the following foundation:

  • Organization. To maximize the player’s benefit from our programs, the Rangers employs experienced coaches and instructors who encourage player development that is consistent with our adopted philosophy of  #READY. A key advantage to the Rangers program is the assignment of dedicated professionally licensed team coaches to each of our teams forming a special bond and relationship between players and coach not found in other clubs following the “trainer” system.

  • Full Participation and Financial Structure. The Rangers strives to keep costs at a reasonable level while maintaining the highest quality player development programs. This enables us to open Rangers programs to all players, regardless of economic background. Player's costs are also minimized by promoting full participation and volunteerism among the players and their families. Each player and the player’s family assist in the operation of the Club in order to keep all costs at a reasonable level.

  • Partnerships. With Hummel and Glasgow Rangers FC

  • Foundation/Elite Program. To enable the players to reach their fullest potential, the Rangers secures the best training and coaching personnel at each age level and maintains premier soccer facilities for training and competition. The Rangers program promotes skill development from age 4 through age 14 for Academy players (U5-U10) and select players (U11-U14) for select players who desire to compete at the highest levels of competition. 

  • History. Rangers Soccer Club was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to recognizing and building individual talent within the framework of a well-defined full-service competitive soccer club. The focus and dedication of the Rangers coaching staff and volunteers never wavers.